Dr Adam Reed

I conducted my original research in a prison just outside Port Moresby, the national capital of Papua New Guinea. That work focuses on issues around cultures of incarceration, including attention to colonial & postcolonial governmentality, the politics of vision, money, aesthetics of documents,articulations of loss and exile and popular narratives of nationhood, the city and crime. More recently, I have conducted research in the UK, working with members of a British literary society as well as with various groups of London knowledge producers (walking tour guides, Internet journal keepers). Out of these projects come my interests in popular theorizations of the city and urban imaginations, cultures of fiction reading, senses of place, the material culture of books, memory, mind and literary subjectivities. My current fieldwork in the UK looks at animal welfare and ethical self-fashioning in Scotland. I also have a new project working with Papua New Guinean migrants in Western Australia.

Research information

I have conducted research in the Pacific (specifically Papua New Guinea and Australia) and in the UK. My disciplinary interests fall within the fields of legal anthropology, anthropology and literature (including new media), urban anthropology, anthropology of ethics; and I have a new and growing interest in the anthropology of Christianity.

Most recently, I have co-edited a special issue on meetings, and organised a small conference on Anthropology and Character (with edited special sections in a journal to follow).

Selected publications

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Research supervision

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Urban anthropology, anthropology and literature, history of anthropology, anthropology of Britain, anthropology of Melanesia, anthropology of Christianity.