Master of Research in Social Anthropology with Pacific Studies


This new MRes is designed with those students in mind who have a special interest in the Pacific and Melanesia, either because they wish to go on to do their fieldwork for an anthropology PhD in the region or because they wish to work there in some other capacity – e.g. in an NGO, in development projects, in multinational corporations with interests in the region.

The courses in anthropological methods will be taken in common with students taking the existing MRes in Social Anthropology and the MRes in Social Anthropology with Amerindian Studies, and the new MRes in Social Anthropology with African Studies with the two new courses being devoted to the history, languages, cultures and varieties of social organisation of the region and their significance for the contemporary lives of its many peoples.

  • SA5010 (30 credits) Research Methods in Social Anthropology
  • SA5011 (30 credits) Research Methods in Anthropology of Connections: Interdisciplinarity as Methodology
  • SA5099 (60 credits) Dissertation

Two modules with special reference to the Pacific and Melanesia:

  • SA5301 (30 credits) Anthropology of the Pacific and Melanesia (i)
  • SA5302 (30 credits) Anthropology of the Pacific and Melanesia (ii)

Associated modules:

  • SA4862 Imagining the World: The Anthropology of Consciousness
    SA3056 Melanesian Anthropology
    SA4861 Ethnography of Fieldwork