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Time and the ethnographic horizon in moments of crisis

 The Centre for Pacific Studies at the University of St Andrews announces a new research venture to explore the time horizons that inform people’s perceptions of crisis.   It is supported by the International Balzan Foundation, as part of the 2018 Balzan Prize in Social Anthropology awarded to Marilyn Strathern.

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The prevalence of violence against women in the Pacific region is among the highest in the world, whilst women’s parliamentary participation is amongst the lowest in the world. This international research network involving collaborations between UK and Pacific film, legal and anthropology scholars takes up the question of how to address rights-based issues within a communal society and in culturally sensitive ways, and aims to contribute to finding new approaches to the challenges of gender inequality in Papua New Guinea and Samoa.

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In Papua New Guinea, the most widely recognized and deployed relational category is wantok. This compatriot relation, literally translated from the Tok Pisin as ‘one-talk’, is elastically defined, at varying times referring to those who speak the same local language or come from the same ancestral place, the same province or region. It can also be used as an alternative term for friendship.

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In 2016 and 2017 Dr Demian was a consultant affiliated with the World Bank project Urban Safety in Port Moresby and Lae, Papua New Guinea, conducting research on the pathways of redress sought by urban women in response to domestic violence. The project focused on both formal and informal solutions negotiated by women living in the settlements of Papua New Guinea’s two main cities, with an emphasis on the connections they sought between legal, economic, spiritual, and social domains of action.

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Innovation through co-creation in contemporary mining relations: a new paradigm for stakeholder engagement at resource extraction project.