Current doctoral research students:

Ms Rowan Gard

Island of Hope — A Pacific Response to Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Economic Globalisation in Oceania

Ms Mia Browne

Life Itself in Rennell, Solomon Islands

Ms Lucie Hazelgrove-Planel

Weaving Lives: Pandanus Work in Vanuatu

Mr Edwin Jones

A iVola ni Gauna kei Viti: Poetry & Prophecy in Highland Fiji

Ms Marlit Rosolowsky

The Temporality of Footpaths and Roads in Buka Island, Papua New Guinea

Former doctoral research students: 

Dr Priscila Santos Da Costa

2018. “Re-designing the nation” : politics and Christianity in Papua New Guinea’s national parliament

Dr Tomi Bartole

2016. ‘The Work of the Heart’: Self-Transformation amongst the People of Awim, Papua New Guinea

Dr Simon Kenema

2015. Mineral resource development and the nature of economic, social and political relations between host communities, the governance institutions and other special interest groups in PNG

Dr Emilia Skrzypek

2015. “Stories of the Invisible Mine: Ethnographic Account of Stakeholder Relations at the Frieda River Project, Papua New Guinea”

Dr Jonathan Tracey

2015. Anthropology in the Vernacular: An Ethnography of Doing Knowedge on Choiseul Island, Solomon Islands

Dr Fiona Hukula

2013 Gender based violence & masculinity in an urban PNG settlement

Dr Anthony Pickles

2013. The Pattern Changes Changes: Gambling Value in Highland Papua New Guinea

Dr Craig Lind

2010. Placing Paamese: Locating Concerns with Place, Gender and Movement in Vanuatu.